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20 ml pouch to be ordred in a box off 48 pouches.

SONOGEL ultrasound gel - our classic.
The proven contact tool in sonography!

It contains no glycerin or formaldehyde and is adjusted to a pH value of 5.5 - 6.0. SONOGEL is temperature stable, keeps moisture for a very long time by absorbing air humidity and has very good wetting properties. The residual removal of SONOGEL is easy and residue-free, it does not cause dirt, stains or edges on the clothing.

Leading device manufacturers recommend the use of SONOGEL since there are no negative effects on the transducer.

SONOGEL Sterile Ultrasound Gel - when sterility is required.

For this special case of medical diagnostic sonography, SONOGEL Sterile is available in a double-coated, sterilized foil pouch.

Sonogel Sterile Ultrasound Gel

SKU: SG-4011
    • dermatologically tested
    • viscous, not dripping
    • good network properties
    • without formaldehyde
    • without glycerin
    • odorless, colorless
    • microbiologically perfect
    • low dehydration
    • best coupling values
    • no adverse effects on skin, clothing and transducer
    • made under vacuum
    • Can be used transvaginally
    • Double-coated, sterilized foil bag
    • Application bag 20 ml
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