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​​​With the “Value beyond Imaging”concept, CHISON has developed and manufactured high quality medical equipment which has benefited millions of people. We are confident to develop the most high-tech products to keep you stay on the leading-edge of ultrasound technology and make health-care more accessible. 


As an innovative company in healthcare, we aim to continue improving with new ideas and products to provide better working conditions for the professionals. In the past we have developed the first dry needling needle in the world, we have reduced waste in the needles and in the packaging and we have improved handling of the needles. And finally, after a long time of hard working, we are proud to announce our new development, APS e4, the most complete device in electro stimulation. The final step in physiotherapy.

Honda Electronics
Our unique technology is the product of our originality and continual pursuance of achieving high quality. It is also our purpose to contribute in ways that will enhance society. The unique technology of the medical division has brought impressive and fine image quality in a sleek compact body.


One of the leading manufacturers of ultrasound gel, electrode gel, compresses and lead lines. If the quality of your work in diagnostics and therapy is important to you - rely on Sonogel. It is not for nothing that Sonogel products are recognized worldwide as a quality standard in the medical industry and recommended by leading device manufacturers.


We are a movement company. It’s who we’ve been since Harry Sweere founded Ergotron in 1982 and earned patents on some of the first ergonomic tilt stands, mounting arms and desk stands. His legacy of innovation carries on in our core values.

The 95 year history of Marsden has always centred around innovation. They develop and manufacture weighing scales and patient monitoring systems that help save lives, provide accurate readings and that ensure that our customers are getting fantastic value for money.

We also exclusively represent Alpinion in The Netherlands.
If you are interested in these products please have a look at our Dynamic website or contact us via the contact form.

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