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With ultrasound experience since 1993 we feel we can say that we are ultrasound specialists. Over the years we see a change in selling ultrasound systems for example via internet.

However it is often not clear what is included in the offer and most of the times customers do not get what they expect. Not all web shops are dedicated to ultrasound and have insufficient knowledge to support the customers before and after the sale.

We at want to make a difference and be clear about what we have to offer if you want to buy an ultrasound system over the internet.

​We test all systems we offer and are confident that the systems offered are priced appropriately and will meet your expectations.

With our experience in ultrasound you can always contact us with all your questions. We promise that if you contact us, we will have an answer for you immediately, but certainly within 24 hours.

Challenge us!

And more: in addition to ultrasound, we offer several products, but all have the link with ultrasound.

Such as shockwave and electrolysis where a first diagnosis with ultrasound is essential.

If your brand is not on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Are you a supplier of ultrasound equipment or related systems and would you like to offer your product through, contact us at:

We will leave our footprint in the ultrasound market!

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