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250 ml bottles to be ordred in a box off 12 bottles.

ECHOSON has been dermatologically tested and can be used in addition to therapy for many diagnostic areas if there is a short stay. Like SONOGEL, it has a low level of drying, but does not absorb any additional air humidity.

It also doesn't stain or stain clothing. The remaining distance is easy and residue-free. There are no negative effects on the sound button.

Echoson Ultrasound Gel 250 ml

SKU: SG-9925
    • viscous, not dripping
    • good network properties
    • without formaldehyde
    • without glycerin
    • odorless, colorless
    • low dehydration
    • best coupling values
    • made under vacuum
    • dermatologically tested
    • biodegradable
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